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Item # 9-291, Replacement Coils & Terminals

Coils for Decco solenoids are easily changed for field replacement.

Standard replacement coils are available direct from Detroit Coil Company. They are identified by a number stamped on the side of the coil. On push solenoids, the coil number is also etched on the solenoid back strap.

Identifying number of STANDARD coils are listed below.

Coils not listed are not standard and may only be available from the manufacturer of the equipment on which the solenoid is mounted.

When ordering replacement coils, specify the voltage and frequency in addition to the coil number.

Special Coils

Standard Decco solenoid coils are made of UL approved, Class A materials. They will withstand continuous ultimate temperatures up to 105ºC.

For operation of solenoids in elevated ambient temperatures. Class H coils can be supplied. They will withstand ultimate temperatures up to 180ºC.


Coil leads can be equipped with spade, ring type, tab or other type terminals. Number eight ring terminals, number eight spade terminals and 1/4 inch wide tab terminals are stocked. Binder head screw terminals and tab terminals can be wound into the coil. Standard screw terminals are for number eight screws.

When required, coils can be tropicalized or made fungus resistant by the use of a special varnish.

Coils can be supplied with special insulation to resist attack by inflammable, hydraulic system fluids.


Standard Solenoid Series

01-750, 01 Series Horizontal Pull Type Industrial Solenoid
01-550, 01 Series Horizontal Push Type Industrial Solenoid
01-700, 01 Series Vertical Pull Type Industrial Solenoid
01-500, 01 Series Vertical Push Type Industrial Solenoid

Solenoid Series


Dimension A

1.20 in

Dimension B

0.45 in

Dimension C

0.40 in

Dimension D

1.03 in

Dimension E

1.08 in

ROSS DECCO Company | Made in the USA for more than 100 Years