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Item # 24-1000, Models 24 & 25 DC Industrial Solenoids

Force - 6 to 20 Lbs.
Stroke - 0.50 Inch

These units are specifically designed for direct current application. They are not modifications of AC solenoids. They are push models, primarily for use as valve actuators. Maximum stroke is 0.50 inch, and models are available to operate on 6 to 250 Volts DC power supply.

The case is heavy wall steel tubing. They can be supplied with leads through the base plate, (permitting entrance of the leads directly into the valve body wiring cavity), or with leads through a 1/2 inch pipe spud on the top cap.

The base plate is welded to the bottom of the solenoid, permitting easy application directly to the valve body. When the solenoid is installed on the valve, with a gasket, it is completely enclosed and splash-proof.

Coils are easily replaced in the field - and a palm button actuator is available at extra cost.

DC Solenoid Forces

Catalog forces for DC solenoids are "Cold Forces". As these solenoids are held energized, their temperatures and coil resistances increase and solenoid force decreases by about 35%. To determine the coil current of DC solenoids, divide the wattage by the operating voltage.

Specifications  · DC Solenoid Force Characteristics in Pounds



6 to 20 lb

Maximum Stroke

0.50 in

Dimension A

5.25 in

Dimension B

2 in

Dimension C

2.47 in

Dimension D

2.75 in

Dimension F

2.36 in

Dimension G

2.75 in

Dimension H

0.09 in

Dimension N

0.19 in

Dimension P

0.479 in

Dimension Q

1.50 in

Dimension R

1.25 in

Dimension S

2.13 in

Dimension T

0.18 in

Dimension U

0.31 in


Model 24 solenoids are also available in PULL type, with a standard clevis extending out through the top cap.

DC Solenoid Force Characteristics in Pounds
100% Voltage 85% Voltage
CLOSED 30.00 27.00
0.13 18.60 16.70
0.19 15.80 12.70
0.25 13.40 10.90
0.31 11.20 8.80
0.38 8.70 6.70
0.44 7.20 5.10
0.50 6.00 4.30

These forces are for a spring load with no inertia. Dead weight loads require more force

ROSS DECCO Company | Made in the USA for more than 100 Years