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Item # 28-462, 7/8" Dia. Pull Type Pulse Duty Tubular DC Solenoid

Force - 0.22 oz. to 10.4 lbs.
Stroke - 0.38 Inch Max. (1/2 & 5/8)
Stroke - 0.50 Inch Max. (7/8, 1-1/8 & 1-1/2)

Decco Tubular DC Solenoids are designed for economy and long service life. Ideal for use in products such as office or business machines, computer peripheral equipment, medical equipment and test instruments, they are quiet and unusually reliable.

Nylon bobbins, coupled with electroless nickel-plated plungers, assure longer life by providing nylon-to-metal bearing surfaces for a low coefficient of friction.

A snap-ring prevents the plunger from bottoming out and deforming any metal surfaces. A resilient, non-magnetic shock absorbing disc under the snap-ring absorbs and dampens the impact at the end of each stroke. This further extends solenoid life, eliminates residual magnetism and minimizes noise.

Five Sizes, Push or Pull

1/2", 5/8", 7/8" and 1-1/8" sizes are thread-mounted and available in both push and pull models. The 1-1/2" size has a side mounting bracket and comes in pull only. Temperature rating is Class A (105ºC), and 6" leads are standard. Hexagonal mounting nuts are standard on thread-mounted models, and customized models are also available.

Three Duty Cycles

A solenoid can produce higher forces when it is ON for only short periods of time or cycled infrequently. We offer our tubular solenoids in three "Duty Cycles";
  • Continuous Duty (F=1) - ON continuously
  • Intermittent Duty (F=1/2) - ON 50% of cycle
  • Pulse Duty
    (F=1/8) - ON 12.5% of each cycle
    (F=1/10 for 1/2" and 1-1/2" models)In the force chart "F" designates the fraction of time each solenoid is ON during one cycle.

    On Time/(ON Time + OFF Time)

    "A" designates the maximum length of time (in seconds) that an intermittent or pulse duty solenoid can be ON during one cycle while cycling before reaching its temperature limit.

    Selecting the Correct Model

    In order to help you choose the proper Tubular DC Solenoid for your job, it is important that we know the required load, stroke length, duty cycle, ambient temperature, speed of actuation, mounting and space limitations.

    These solenoids are available from 6 to 110 volts DC. (12 volts and 24 volts are standard.)

  • Specifications  · Force Characteristics for Tubular DC Thread Mount Solenoids





    0.22 oz to 10.4 lbs

    Maximum Stroke

    0.50 in

    Dimension A

    1.63 in

    Dimension B

    0.75 in

    Dimension C

    0.38 in

    Dimension D

    0.68 in

    Dimension E

    0.38 in

    Dimension G

    24 in

    Dimension H

    0.09 in

    Dimension J

    0.19 in

    Dimension K

    0.38 in

    Dimension L

    0.09 in



    Force Characteristics for Tubular DC Thread Mount Solenoids
    7/8 DIA.
    STROKE (inches) FORCE (pounds)  
    CONTINUOUS DUTY 0.06 3.00 F=1
    10 Watts
    0.13 1.60
    0.25 0.65
    0.38 0.35
    0.50 0.25
    INTERMITTENT DUTY 0.06 4.30 F=1/2
    A=30 Sec
    20 Watts
    0.13 2.50
    0.25 1.10
    0.38 0.60
    0.50 0.40
    PULSE DUTY 0.06 6.90 F=1/8
    A=2 Sec
    80 Watts
    0.13 5.40
    0.25 3.20
    0.38 2.20
    0.50 1.50

    All forces were measured using a heat sink (2" x 2" x 1/4" aluminum plate).


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