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Industrial Solenoids

DECCO has been a preferred manufacturer of solenoid coils since 1912. Today, ROSS DECCO solenoid coils continue to be used as pneumatic and hydraulic operators in industries such as:

  • Automotive
  • Chemical Mixing Equipment
  • Heat treating process
  • Machine Tools
  • Power Generation Equipment
  • Robotics assembly
  • Steel forming process
  • Steel making process

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Large Laminated Solenoid

Laminated Solenoids

DC Tubular Solenoids

DC Tubular Solenoids

Our Largest Solenoid

Industrial DC Solenoids

M - Line "O" & "OO" Series Industrial Solenoids

M - Line "O" & "OO" Series Industrial Solenoids

"O" Series
Force - 4.2 lbs.
Stroke -0.25 Inch Max.

"OO" Series
Force - 2.6 lbs.
Stroke -0.13 Inch Max.

The M-LINE solenoid is an encapsulated, complete package valve operator which offers convenience, economy and improved force because of its construction.

These encapsulated units save you money because there is no extra cover tooling and fabricating cost, no labor or assembly cost and no inventory of parts. Cover, actuator, screws and gasket are factory assembled, ready for fast, easy installation with the two captive mounting screws.

The M-LINES' compact, molded cover dissipates heat faster, assuring cool operation in spite of greater power input and a resultant greater force and ...
Series 710 Packaged AC Industrial Solenoids with Plug-in Receptacle

Series 710 Packaged AC Industrial Solenoids with Plug-in Receptacle

Force - 4.50 to 10.25 Lbs.
Stroke -0.50 Inch Max.

These "packaged" solenoids are Decco Model 15, 16, 17 or 18 solenoids, mounted in a zinc alloy die-cast cover. The mounting is a ROSS DECCO standard and is interchangeable with Decco Series 171 Oil Immersed Solenoids.

Forces and electrical characteristics for Decco packaged solenoids are the same as standard Teen Series solenoids.

The maximum stroke for packaged solenoids is 0.50 inch which will meet most valve applications. These units are equipped with a manual actuator.

Four captive screws permit mounting directly on the valve body or to an intermediate die-cast adaptor plate.

The plug-in connector permits easy replacement in the field. The ...
Oil Immersed Solenoids

Oil Immersed Solenoids

Force - 4.75 to 10.25 Lbs.
Stroke - 0.31 Inch Max. (171)
Stroke - 0.50 Inch Max. (191)

Decco Oil Immersed models are Teen Series units mounted in an oil-filled, die-cast housing.
They are available in two series.

The 171 series has a 0.31 inch max. stroke using Models 15,16 or 17 solenoids. The 191 series has a 0.50 inch max. stroke using Models 15, 16, 17 or 18 solenoids.

These solenoids are designed for use in dirty or corrosive atmospheres or high cycling applications for cool performance.

Standard units have a plug-in connector, "O" ring sealed manual actuator and vellumoid gasket. An adaptor plate, extra vellumoid gasket, female receptacle with 12 inch leads and palm button actuator are ...
Replacement Coils & Terminals

Replacement Coils & Terminals

Coils for Decco solenoids are easily changed for field replacement.

Standard replacement coils are available direct from Detroit Coil Company. They are identified by a number stamped on the side of the coil. On push solenoids, the coil number is also etched on the solenoid back strap.

Identifying number of STANDARD coils are listed below.

Coils not listed are not standard and may only be available from the manufacturer of the equipment on which the solenoid is mounted.

When ordering replacement coils, specify the voltage and frequency in addition to the coil number.

Special Coils

Standard Decco solenoid coils are made of UL approved, Class A materials. They will withstand ...
ROSS DECCO Company | Made in the USA for more than 100 Years